New features in Structured Difference Viewer 1.20

C# 2.0 support

  • New C# v2 language mode enables new C# syntax features in C# parser. Language mode C# v1 and C# v2 can be selected on Options | Difference tab.
  • Partial class, record and interface support.
  • Anonymous method support
  • Extern alias support, including :: to reference extern alias members.
  • Static classes support.
  • Generic types support.
  • Property accessor visibility support.

New Features

  • Delphi 2006 Win32 Language support.
  • Navigation Tree allows selecting two entities to compare in Class Difference Mode. Invoked with Button on main toolbar and popup menu.
  • Parsing hints and warnings are no longer displayed as "Errors", but as Hints or Warnings

Solved bugs

  • Installer did not create ModelMaker Tools shared directory. Solved