New Features in v1.05: C# structured difference viewer

Structured Diff viewer now supports C# for dot-Net

Comparing C# 1.1 for the .Net framework source files is now supported. A few things to watch out for:

  • Nested types are flattened and do not appear nested in the difference tree. Different nesting in left and right files is currently not detected.
  • The difference engine assumes entities with .NET attributes to start on a new line. The .NET attributes themselves should also start on new lines. If an attribute is preceeding the entity on the same line as the entity declaration, the attrbute is skipped in the comparison. This is very similar to how ModelMaker Code Explorer associates and expects .NET attributes and comments
  • .NET Attribute and comment order matters. Although syntactically this is identical, the difference viewer sees it as different:
    public class Sample { }

    public class Sample { }

New Features

  • Structured Difference and File Difference are now a mode that can be toggled withtout reselecting the same files.
  • Font style and colors for difference elements can be adjusted using the Properties|Difference tab
  • To improve integration with temp files, the difference engine uses in-memory copies if an input file no longer exists as can be the case with temp files.
  • Delphi 2005 IDE interaction. Open File in Delphi now recognizes Delphi 2005 if MM8 integration expert is installed.
  • Command line interface options to select structured of file based difference added. Full command line syntax is:

    Optionsopt FileLeftopt FileRightopt

    Available options:
    -fFile difference mode
    -sStructured difference mode (default)
    Note that the options must precede the files to compare.

Solved bugs