ModelMaker Tools Product Packages


All ModelMaker Tools products are separate products and must be purchased separately.
No tool includes a license for another tool. No tool is shipped with another tool. For example: ModelMaker Code Explorer is not part of ModelMaker and ModelMaker Code Explorer for Visual Studio is not part of ModelMaker Code Explorer for Borland Delphi.


ModelMaker is a stand alone native Delphi UML design and refactoring tool. It comes in two editions: ModelMaker Pascal Edition and ModelMaker C# Edition. A ModelMaker license includes both editions. More...

ModelMaker Code Explorer

ModelMaker Code Explorer (MMX) is a Delphi IDE integrated navigation and refactoring tool. It has similar concepts and GUI as the ModelMaker code model view (classes, members) and offers refactorings similar to ModelMaker right inside the Delphi IDE, but does not have diagramming or design capabilities.

Most users prefer using ModelMaker Code Explorer and the Delphi IDE to implement designs created with ModelMaker. Using the Delphi IDE rather than the stand-alone ModelMaker implementation editor offers code-insight, code completion and other 3rd party tools normally available inside the Delphi IDE. The stand-alone ModelMaker generally offers more powerful refactorings and is better suited for large scale restructuring.

Forms and datamodules interact with the Delphi IDE designer, so ModelMaker should not be used on these. This is where MMX is essential: it handles code with compiler directives, is aware of the designer and is well suited for editing form files and "every day" refactorings. More...

Most customers use both ModelMaker and ModelMaker Code Explorer.

ModelMaker Structured Difference Viewer

MM Structured Difference Viewer (MMSDV) is a stand alone tool. It is very similar to the "Custom Difference" function in the ModelMaker Difference View. It has additional features, such as file drag and drop support and a command line interface that allows using it as a diff viewer for version control systems. More...