Order ModelMaker license upgrades

Order upgrades from previous versions of ModelMaker to ModelMaker 11. When ordering, send a copy of your license file: check the upgrade policy.

Ordering On-line

On-line orders are processed by ShareIt (USA/Europe). ShareIt accepts credit cards, fax and bank/wire transfers. ShareIt provides a printable invoice upon purchasing. ShareIt automatically calculates applicable VAT. Check here for VAT details.


After your order has been processed by ShareIt, ShareIt immediatly sends you license and download details by email. A zipped license file is attached to the delivery email. Make sure your filter accepts this attachment. If you don't see this email, check your spam filter.

Order Online

Upgrade ModelMaker 5 - 10 licenses to ModelMaker 11
Upgrade single user license ModelMaker
  single user license ModelMaker 11
Normal price: Euro 175.
Special offer: Euro 149.00
Upgrade 10-user license ModelMaker
  10-user license ModelMaker 11
Normal price: Euro 529.
Special offer: Euro 495.00
Upgrade site license ModelMaker
  site license ModelMaker 11
Normal price: Euro 999.
Special offer: Euro 945.00

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Upgrading ModelMaker licenses

  • If you purchased your ModelMaker 10 license on 17 June 2010 or later you are entitled to a free upgrade to ModelMaker 11. ModelMaker Tools will send you an an email with a license upgrade.
  • If you purchased your ModelMaker license before 17 June 2010 you can order the upgrade on this page.
    When ordering an upgrade, please a copy of your ModelMaker license (MM10.lic, MM9.lic etc.) to . Orders without a copy of the license file will be rejected.

Fax, Postal mail and Phone orders

ShareIt also accepts orders per fax, mail and phone. Please select the products you want to order and press the "Buy now" button. During the registration process you will be given an option to place a fax or mail order as an alternative to standard online order process.

ShareIt Customer Service

If you have already ordered software through ShareIt and would like to view data relating to your order, or if you have questions about orders, payments, or delivery, please visit the ShareIt Customer Care Center.