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To compensate for high Euro/Dollar exchange rates, order ModelMaker 11 licenses now with up to 40% discount.

Ordering On-line

On-line orders are processed by ShareIt (USA/Europe). ShareIt accepts credit cards, fax and bank/wire transfers. ShareIt provides a printable invoice upon purchasing. ShareIt automatically calculates applicable VAT. Check here for VAT details.

Delivery Time

After your order has been confirmed by ShareIt, ModelMaker Tools sends your license by email. Orders are hand picked. During European business hours usually within hours, else within 48 hours maximum. If you have not heard from us within 48 hours: check your spam filter. If that does not reveal anything: contact us.

IMPORTANT: SPAM / MAIL FILTERs should accept delivery email

Please, configure your mail filters to accept emails with the word ModelMaker in the subject. A zipped license file is attached to the delivery email. Make sure your filter accepts this attachment.

WARNING when ordering in other currencies than EURO

ModelMaker Tools products have Euro prices. As a service to our customers, We allow you to pay in other currencies, for example USD$ or GBP. Note: If you select any other currency than EURO, ShareIt charges up to an 8% on top of the actual exchange rate! We recommend you purchase our products in Euros to avoid this additional cost.

Order Online
ModelMaker 11 for Delphi IDEs & Visual Studio - Delphi / C#
ModelMaker 11 single user license Normal price: Euro 299.
Special offer: Euro 199.00
ModelMaker 11 Small Team License (4-users) Normal price: Euro 599.
Special offer: Euro 399.00
ModelMaker 11 10-user license Normal price: Euro 1095.
Special offer: Euro 725.00
ModelMaker 11 site license Normal price: Euro 2195.
Special offer: Euro 1449.00

Code Explorer 11 for Delphi IDEs
Code Explorer 11 single user license EURO 99.00
Code Explorer 11 Small Team License (4 users) EURO 199.00
Code Explorer 11 10-user license EURO 399.00
Code Explorer 11 site license EURO 749.00

Structured Difference Viewer - Delphi / C#
Structured Diff Viewer single user license EURO 29.00
Structured Diff Viewer 10-user license EURO 99.00
Structured Diff Viewer site license EURO 249.00

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Fax, Postal mail and Phone orders

ShareIt also accepts orders per fax, mail and phone. Please select the products you want to order and press the "Buy now" button. During the registration process you will be given an option to place a fax or mail order as an alternative to standard online order process.
For phone orders, also click the "Buy now" button and write down the product IDs (for example ModelMaker 9 = #147755). Then use one of the following phone numbers to order through ShareIt by phone. These phone numbers are not ModelMaker Tools phone numbers.
ShareIt USA +1 (724) 850 8186
ShareIt Germany +49 (0)221 31088-0
ShareIt France +33 (0)1 49 19 26 54

ShareIt Customer Service

If you have already ordered software through ShareIt and would like to view data relating to your order, or if you have questions about orders, payments, or delivery, please visit the ShareIt Customer Care Center.

Alternative ordering

Alternatively, you can order directly at ModelMaker Tools. We process only bank to bank transfers. Check here for details.