ModelMaker Add-ins

On this page you'll find Add-ins made available by customers. If you have created an Add-in yourself that you would like to share (compiled or as source), .

ModelMaker 11 requires all Add-ins listed on this page to be recompiled with the latest version of the MMToolsAPI v12 interface files as distributed with MM11.

Third Party Add-ins

  • Creating a Design Critic: James Knowles creates an instructive tutorial on creating a new Design Critic. Step by Step he leads you through the process of creating a new plug-in, adding a critic up to debugging the Add-in. Highly recommended, also as a getting started for plug-in creation.
  • Diagram Exporter: By Jouni Aro The Add-in exports the ModelMaker diagrams to image files (BMP, PNG, JPG, WMF) and creates a Doc-O-Matic (DOM) topic file or just a simple HTML index, which contains links to these images and their symbol documentation. You can create a DOM project, include the topic file in it and generate PDF, WinHelp or HTML which contains all the exported diagrams.
  • ModelMaker Help File generator: The internal ModelMaker help file generator made available as Add-in. You can modify this Add-in to customize the output of the generated help files or project. 12 KB Delphi 4-2010 code.
  • Extended Help File Generator: By Dave Craggs. Generates help files for multiple Modules (units). An extension on the standard help generator Add-in.
  • XMI exporter: By . Updated for ModelMaker ToolsAPI v12 (MM11) by ModelMaker Tools. Generates a XMI document for a ModelMaker project which can be used for importing ModelMaker projects into other tools like Rational Rose. Delphi source and compiled dll.
  • Search Add-in (v1.1): by Simon Moscrop allows you to search through selected parts of the Model (classes, methods, diagrams etc) for a given string. Several options are included to allow the search to be refined as required. All matching results are sent to the Messages view. Double clicking an entry causes ModelMaker to navigate to the associated item. V1.1 was enhanced by Chris Randle
  • Instrumentation add-in: by Robert Leahey, a specialized GUI to control the method instrumentation option model-wide. If you're instrumentation code, this expert is a must. Compiled dll for MM10, no source.
  • MM SQL Add-in: By Roland Weinschütz. This Add-in tries to close the modelling gap between OO and database. It supports importing most common database objects (tables, procedures, functions) into the model as placeholder classes. It displays the contents of the db object currently selected in MM on opening the Add-in from MM.
  • Visual Source Safe 6 version control system Add-in, click here to download the latest D4/5/6/7 source for ModelMaker 6..11. Created by Steve Forbes. Version = 2.00 (Jan2002). With a few minor trivial modifications it will can be used in MM7-10.

Object Foundry / InstantObjects

To be able to build the ObjectFoundry Add-in for the open source persistency framework InstantObjects you'll need this MMToolsAPI extension (MMIOAPI.pas). This file is only required to rebuild the Object Foundry Add-in. Check the copyright and warnings in this source file. Some remarks on building the Object Foundry project OFExpt.dpr (available from Source Forge): If you are using MM7 or later you will need to add 'MM7' to the conditional defines for the OFExpt.dpr project. At least for Delphi5, you will need to move 'Windows' from the implementation uses clause to the interface uses clause in OFExpert.pas.

ModelMaker 8 and later require Instant Objects metadata to start with "{IOMETADATA " (omit quotes, but include final space). For MM8 and later, the latest version ObjectFoundry Add-in should be used because that generates and imports this tag.