New features in ModelMaker 11.2.0

New Features

  • Delphi XE2 Addin, language modes extended with Delphi XE Win32 and XE2 Win32
  • Copy / Move class members in the Diagram Editor. The Classifier symbol allows selecting and drag dropping an (entity) member from a compartment to another class symbol. This will either copy (default) or move (press Shift) the member to the target class. Similar, text can be drag-dropped between custom compartments in any classifier symbol. Dropping an (entity) member on a custom compartment inserts the text in the custom compartment (but does not copy/move the member).
  • The diagram editor multi page printer now clips the diagram exactly according to the diagram editor page dividers. Previously the diagram would be clipped inside the printed margins.
  • IDE Addin "Jump to ModelMaker" activates the current method in the implementation editor when jumping from a method and other methods are pinned in the implementation editor.

Solved problems

  • Pascal: the "delayed" keyword on external procedures was incorrectly generated with a semicolon placed in front of it. The MMX parser would also expect the semicolon. Solved.
  • Pascal: two bugs fixed in handling of overloaded methods, in method dialog and copy/paste (clone) behaviour.