New features in ModelMaker 11.1.5

New Features

  • Diagram Editor Export to Image File supports Postscript format (.eps)
  • Package symbol allows customizing number of columns used when displaying (module) contents.
  • The diagram editor check that all text in a diagram can be displayed using the selected fonts. If this is not the case, you'll get a don't warn again style warning and an option to open the project style options to adjust the default fonts.

C#5 support

  • Project Options | General has a new C#5 language mode that enables the new async language features.
  • The modifier generation order of the async keyword can be adjusted on Project Options | Coding Style.
  • The async (context sensitive) modifier is supported by importer, editor and generator. The await keyword can only appear in method implementations and is left uninterpreted (although syntax highlighted).

Solved problems

  • Brace matching in the Syntax highlighting editor had yet another small glitch. Solved.
  • The source importer no longer marks a class containing abstract methods abstract if the source language supports the "abstract" (or "sealed") modifier for classes.
  • C#: the unsafe statement would result in import errors. Solved.
  • Class Symbol: a customized number of member columns of "1" would not be persisted. Solved.