ModelMaker 11.1.0

New Diagram Rendering Engine

Diagrams are now painted using a new rendering engine resulting in much prettier, anti-aliased images and exports.

Concurrency Diagram

Composition image showing the same diagram rendered with MM 11.10 (top) and MM 11.03 (bottom)

  • New diagram printing mode: visual area auto rotated and scaled down only. This is now the default.
  • Export Diagram as Image now supports export as .pdf. Exporting as .wmf is no longer available.
  • New Printing style option: Use semi-transparency. If enabled, semi-transparent surfaces (frames, drawing shapes) are painted semi-transparent like in the diagram editor. If disabled, semi-transparent surfaces are not filled. This may give better results on the printed output.
  • When e-mailing diagrams, you get the option of attaching any of .pdf, .png and .bmp formats - rather than a single user defined format.
  • Some options are now deprecated and were removed from Environment Options | Diagrams | Printing and Appearance:
    • Printing Scheme - Dashed Pen Scale (no longer needed)
    • Appearance - Colored Image Exports (now implicitly enabled)
    • Appearance - Image Exports - Pixel format (fixed at 24 bit)
    • Image Export - Image Format, you may now select the attached image formats each time diagrams are mailed.
  • ToolsAPI: IMMDiagram.CreateMetaFile returns a meta file containing a single bitmap representing the entire diagram.

Solved problems

  • Particularly on more recent Windows versions, Diagram Explorer thumbnails would in some cases be displayed intermittently. Solved
  • The MM8 style MMGUI.hlp context sensitive would no longer be loaded OK in MM11. Solved.
  • Brace matching in the Syntax highlighting editor had a small glitch, particularly when using non-white backgrounds. Solved.